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Testimonial Lou M.
I am a 68 yr. old man from Connecticut who came to Tucson for the warmth.  Before getting here I was diagnosed with mixed connective tissue disorder, in the form of Sjorgens, Raynauds, Alopecia Ariata, Rosacea, Immune system disorder and severe allergies.  I immediately went on line to find a suitable Doctor in all these areas.  Also having a bad back, I researched chiropractors and to my surprise, found out that they look for the underlying causes, instead of treating the “symptoms” with “drugs”. During this search, I kept returning to Natural Life Holistic Oasis with Dr. Lisa Orwick and Anna Burchard.  I immediately felt a ‘comfort’ set in and started the process. The initial fee for the FirstLine Therapy was costly, along with the Metagenic  powders and the natural supplements.  Most times this would have stopped me – But  1) doing it MY way wasn’t working  –  2) staying in my comfort zone had gotten me severely dehydrated, severely toxic, with a calcified aorta in my stomach and 3) I right then decided – I was definitely WORTH IT!. $) and I would do whatever was necessary! These amazing women immediately tested me and set up a plan that would help me make healthy lifestyle choices and minimize my risks for chronic disease. Also included were CrossFit workouts. I had nothing to lose!! After three months,  I have decreased my cholesterol, triglycerides, lowered my liver enzymes and decreased my blood pressure. I lost 9 lbs (5 of fat)and improved my cellular age by 4 years, decreased my toxicity and decreased severe and moderate symptoms from 23 systems to 4.  I now have better energy, feel more alert, have clearer thinking, less body pain, less fatigue and better endurance – very motivating and NOT ONE DRUG! Has it worked? A definite YES! I will adopt this lifestyle forever, with open arms.  I worked, or played hard, and positive results have ensued – It is that EASY! As for Dr. Orwick and Anna – I just want to humbly  thank them, and hope to be just like them when I grow up! – Energetic, helpful, considerate, meticulous, caring and ALIVE!!
Testimonial Sue H, 52 Getting Younger By The Minute I want to tell you all something...... This is the REAL DEAL! Please take a moment to hear my story. I have been suffering from Fibromyalgia, Hashimoto's Thryoiditis, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Pernicous Anemia, and God knows what other Auto Immune disorders with Intense and Unrelenting pain.... intensly for 8 years and moderately for at least 10 years before. (I remember odd pains and sensitivity to weather as young as 16!)   I began Treatment with Anna B and Lisa Orwick, D.C., just 6 short weeks ago, but it was really a lifetime ago. 12 Days ago, I awoke to a new year and a giant surprise that I have been unable to actually believe until now.... No pain, no fatigue, no 1000 lb. body, no foggy brain, no stiffness, no dread of having to move through life and 'fake' it at meetings, and with family and friends. And, best of all, no RX meds. You see, I was on 6 very heavy meds for 6-7 years, and each time I thought I found something to 'cure' my conditions, I would try to stop the meds, and the horrible pain would return two-fold. On this day, I had no pain. Each day, I expected the horrible withdrawals, pain, anxiety, and symptoms that come from physical dependence on RX medication or the return of my disease. But instead, I steadfastly followed their gentle, but firm directions, and just felt better each day, and I am continuing to heal today.   I can only say that after trying every Western, Eastern, Naturopathic, M.d.'s, Functional Medicine, Meditation, Pain Management, Psychiatry, injections, thyroid concoctions, prayer, and anything you can imagine, some how, like MAGIC, Anna B and Lisa arrived at the exact formula, and Metabolic Detox that complemented what I was already working on, including metaphysical, and I can say that for the first time in 8 years, I feel like I am back to the woman I always was.   I don't even recognize myself from 6 weeks ago. I can't imagine how my family, friends, and collegues could stand beside me and hold me up! The nutritional support, supplements, and lifestyle/diet changes, truly TRANSFORMED me back to who I was before my disease, and I am forever grateful. It wasn't hard. I had become accustomed to following orders from many 'caregivers' I followed exactly, but never got relief. Often afraid that the pain that continued when I tried to stop meds was withdrawal, I continued on my quest to cure the underlying cause, not just the symptoms. It is the KEY to being well.   Anna B understands from her own journey, and with determined, professional, thoughtful, cautious and scientific methods, Anna B, with Lisa's help, lead me down the beautiful path to wellness! The beauty of it is that it is HEALTH, not just relief. It's the difference between a photograph and a live human being. I can't say enough about these two wonderful women and what they have dedicate their lives to.   I will forever be grateful for the careful way they guided me to WELLNESS, which I took for granted, as we all do, until I got sick. If I had known then, what I know now, I would have consulted and listened to them 30 years ago. But now, I truly believe I am going to 'get back' those 8 years, if not in length, but absolutely in quality, and more.   With so much gratitude and a heart that is full of respect and love for what they know, and have done for me, I sign with the hope that even ONE person can find their way to the MIRACLE I experienced. Thank you my two angels, and keep up the good work. You change lives, and that must feel good! I can never thank you enough!
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